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Better Eyesight Magazine Contains Doctor Bates Original Training 'The Bates Method'   
Includes 165 True 'Stories From The Clinic'

By Emily C. Lierman-A. Bates & Other Eye Doctor's Articles, Training

    INDEX - Year, Month, Article, Treatments

Year 1919
Better Eyesight Magazine Original Cover - July, 1919Full Spectrum Sunlight For Healthy Eyes, Clear Eyesight. No Eyeglasses.July 1919
Flashing & The Fundamental Principle; Do You Read Imperfectly? - Foreword - Fundamental Facts - Central Fixation – A Teacher's Experiences - Army Officer Cures Himself – (The First Magazine Article, on PAGE TWO of every month is a Main Natural Eyesight Improvement Treatment taught by Dr. Bates.)
August 1919 - School Number- How to Use the Snellen Test Card for the Prevention and Cure of Imperfect Sight in Children – Hermann Von Helmholtz (1821–1894) A German Physician, Physicist - A House Built on Sand - The Prevention of Myopia - Methods That Failed - The Prevention and Cure of Myopia and Other Errors of Refraction - A Method That Succeeded -The Story of Emily

September 1919
The Flashing Cure - Vision and Education - The Doctor's Story - Lying a Cause of Myopia - Cured in Fifteen Minutes
October 1919 -The Swinging Cure - Simultaneous Retinoscopy - Floating Specks - Correspondence Treatment
November 1919 - The Memory Cure - Reason and Authority - The Effect of Light Upon the Eyes - Two Points of View
December 1919 -The Imagination Cure - The Menace of Large Print - Shifting and Swinging - Optimums and Pessimums – Home Treatment

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                                                                                                                                                                       Year, 1920

January 1920
The Palming Cure - The Variability of the Refraction of the Eye - How Long Will It Take? - Relief  After Twenty-Five Years - Facts Versus Theories
February 1920 -Halos - New Eyes For Old - Stories From The Clinic – 1. Joey and Patsy - Seeking a Myopia Cure - Mental Effects of Central Fixation (All Stories From The Clinic are by Emily C. Lierman. Later, after marriage to Dr. Bates: Emily A. Bates)
March 1920 - Influenza - A Quick Cure - Progressive Myopia Relieved - Stories From The Clinic – 2. A Case of Cataract - How I Was Cured - After Glasses Failed
April 1920 - Rest - How I Helped Others - Stories From The Clinic - 3. Retinitis Pigmentosa - Perfect Sight Without Glasses – "Better Eyesight" Appreciated – Snellen Test Cards
May 1920 - Fine Print a Benefit to the Eye - My Headaches - The Story of Sylvia
June 1920 - Sun-Gazing - A Lesson From the Greeks - Saved From Blindness - Stories From The Clinic – 4. Three of a Kind – A Case of Cataract
July 1920 - See Things Moving - The Mission of "Better Eyesight" - Stories From The Clinic - 5. The Jewish Woman – What Glasses Do to Us
August 1920 - School Number- The Cure of Imperfect Sight in School Children - Save the Children’s' Eyes - Imperfect Sight Contagious - School Children at the Clinic: Stories From The Clinic – 6. The School Children - The Snellen Test Card in Newton
September 1920 - Make Your Sight Worse - Experiences with Central Fixation - How I Improved My Eyesight - Sleepiness and Eyestrain - Stories From The Clinic: - 7. The Woman with Asthma - Questions and Answers
October 1920 - Go to the Movies - The Problem of Imperfect Sight - Stories From The Clinic: - 8. Atrophy of the Optic Nerve – How I  Learned to See - Questions and Answers
November 1920 Squint Number- (Squint=Strabismus, Crossed, Wandering Eyes) - Make Your Squint Worse - Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cure - How I Cured My Child of Squint – Stories From The Clinic: - 9. Three Cases of Squint - Questions and Answers
December 1920 Glaucoma Number - Voluntary Production of Eye Tension, A Safeguard Against Glaucoma - Glaucoma: Its Cause and Cure – Getting Cured of Glaucoma - Stories From The Clinic - 10. Absolute Glaucoma

                                                                                                                                                                        Year 1921Palming, Memory Imagination, Relaxation

January 1921 Cataract Number - The Treatment of Cataract - Cataract: Its Cause And Cure - Traumatic Cataract Disappears - Incipient Cataract Relieved - Stories From The Clinic - 11. Cataract at the Clinic. A case of Cataract
February 1921Pain Number- Prevention and Control of Pain by the Mind - Pain: Its Cause and Cure - Relief of Tic Douloureux - Stories From The Clinic -12. The Relief of Pain at the Clinic - Backache Cured by Central Fixation
March 1921Blindness Number - How to Obtain Perception of Light in Blindness - Blindness: Its Cause and Cure - Relief of Retinal Detachment – Stories From The Clinic: 13. The Relief of Blindness
April 1921Presbyopia Number - Methods That Have Succeeded in Presbyopia - Presbyopia: It’s Cause and Cure - How I Was Cured of Presbyopia - Presbyopia at the Clinic: Stories From The Clinic: 14. Three Cases of Presbyopia - Questions and Answers 
May 1921
Imagination Number - How to Improve the Sight by Means of the Imagination - Imagination Essential
to Sight – Stories From The Clinic: 15. Imagination Relieves Pain - Imagination in Retinitis Pigmentosa – Questions and Answers
June 1921Fundamentals of Treatment - How to Demonstrate the Fundamental Principle of Treatment -  Fundamentals of Treatment – Closing The Eyes, Palming, Central Fixation, Shifting and Swinging, Memory, Imagination, Flashing, Reading Familiar Letters – Stories From The Clinic: 16. Methods That Have Succeeded - My Methods with School Children - Questions and Answers
July 1921 – Stop Concentrating - How Not To Concentrate - The Vice of Concentration – Stories From The Clinic: 17.  Some Results of Concentration - Questions and Answers
August 1921School Number - Children May Improve Their Sight by Consciously Doing the Wrong Thing - Sight - Saving in the School- Room – My Experience in Treating Myopia - School Children at the Clinic: Stories From The Clinic: 18. The School Children Again – Better Eyesight in North Bergen - Questions and Answers
September 1921 - How to Improve the Sight by Means of the Imagination: No. 2 - The Freckle-Faced Boy - Optimums and Pessimums  Possible Explanation - Stories From The Clinic: 19. A Trio of Difficult Cases - Questions and AnswersCentral-Fixation. Combine it with Shifting
October 1921 - How to Obtain Mental Pictures - Mental Pictures an Aid to Vision - An Artists Experience with Central - Fixation – Stories From The Clinic: 20. St. Vitus’ Dance and Myopia - Let Your Eyes Alone - Questions and Answers
November 1921- The Sense of Touch An Aid to Vision - The First Visit – Rest Improves The Vision, Palming, Staring, - Shifting and Swinging, Memory and Imagination, Snellen Test Card, Fine Print, See Things Moving - Stories From The Clinic: 21. More cases of Squint – Questions and Answers
December 1921 - Think Right - The Correction of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses - Mental Control in Relation to Vision – Stories From The Clinic: 22. Christmas at the Clinic - Questions and Answers
                                                                                                                                              Year 1922

January 1922 - Stop Staring - Be Comfortable - My Experience with Central Fixation - Stories From The Clinic: 23. Congenital Blindness Relieved - After Thirty Years - Questions and Answers
February 1922 - Test Your Imagination! - Stories From The Clinic: 24. Sixteen School Girls – Enter the First Fifteen, Mary and Muriel, Is It A Crime To Help These Children? As Are The Eyes, So Is The Girl - Reading Without Glasses – Hypnosis, Electricity, Neurology And Back To Dr. Bates!- Stumbling On The Truth. There Should Be A Better Eyesight League! – Questions and AnswersShifting; Shift the Eyes (Visual Attention) Part to Part on a Object to See it Clear. Use the dots to practice; shift dot to dot in any order, direction. Then practice on objects without the dots; Shift, Blink, Relax.
March 1922 - See Things Moving – The Long Swing, The Short Swing, The Universal Swing - Ready For The Better Eyesight League! – Some Letters Of Approval, Pioneers in a Great Cause - The Truth About Fatigue – Running Oneself Into The Ground, A Demonstration With A Period, Prevention, Not Relief For Fatigue - Stories From The Clinic: 25. What Palming Did For A Blind Man (Pop, The Blind Barber Improves His Eyesight) – A Faith The Will Not be Denied, Calisthenics At Seventy-Four, But The Treatment Goes On - News Notes of Better Eyesight – Doctors are needed all over the world to cure people without glasses – Snellen Test Cards
April 1922 - Improve Your Sight - The League is Formed - How We See – Physical Structure of The Eye, The Potency Of The Imagination, The Illusion OF Perfect Sight - Stories From The Clinic: 26. Operations at the Clinic Smiles As For A Party - To a Patient – Monthly Meeting
May 1922 - Relaxation From Fine Print – Stories From The Clinic: 27. Some Colored Patients at the Clinic – Sadness Brings Its Strain, A Tragedy Of The Past, Strain And Behavior - The Optical Swing – Literal Concentration Impossible, The Universal Swing, The Swing And Memory, Practice Brings Cure - Notes of the League - Questions and Answers
June 1922 - Discard Your Glasses - The League for Better Eyesight - Some Animals' Eyes – Turtles, Bears, Monkeys, - Wolves, Leopards, Other Animals, and Fish - Stories From The Clinic: 28. The Party – The Frolic Of The Thirteen - Questions and Answers
July 1922 - "PAGE TWO" - The Story of Violet – Glasses Off, Better Vision Quickly, Real Practice, Higher Mental - Efficiency - Editorials - The Meaning of a Leaguer - Stories From The Clinic: 29. How Children Have Helped Their Parents – The Mother Next, Anna’s Mother
August 1922 - Special School Number - School Children's Eyes - College Men Fitted for Army – Paul Gets Into The - Marines, The Twins Qualify For Service, Henry’s Cure Was Permanent - Stories From The Clinic: 30. Many School Children are Helped at the Clinic – Bertha Was Soon Made Happy, Jennie Turns Doctor - Editorials - Work of League Producing Results - Questions and Answers
September 1922- Comparisons - An Educator Offers Proof – High Spot Normal Eye Health Crusade a Successful - Three Year’s Experiment, Eye Strain, Myopia and Other Errors of Refraction - Regular Monthly Meeting - Three Things Which Will Produce Better Eyesight – Stationary Objects Should Seem To Move, Snellen Card And Fine Print, Glasses Keep Up The Eyestrain, Palming - Stories From The Clinic: 31. The Sun Treatment Cured This Colored Girl – Eye Trouble Often Due Merely To Foreign Substances
October 1922- Practicing - The Minister – Professional vs. Common Sense, Effect Of Painful Memories - Stories - From The Clinic – 32. Iritis – A Colored Mammy – Better Eyesight Editorial – “The Cure of Imperfect Eyesight” Reviewed – Revolutionizes Ophthalmology, Strain Is Responsible, Milestone In Bibliography - Questions and Answers
November 1922 - The Variable Swing - Marian - Stories From The Clinic: 33. Three Cases - The Better Eyesight - League – Questions and Answers
December 1922 - The Easy Shift - Some Criticisms From a Patient - Stories From The Clinic: 34. Christmas at the - Clinic - A Personal Experience - The Better Eyesight League - Questions and Answers

                                                                                               Year 1923

January 1923 - Breathing - Astigmatism - Stories From The Clinic: 35. Staring is Bad - A Relief of Whooping Cough –  Minutes Of The Better Eyesight League Meeting On December 12th
February 1923 - The Optimum Swing - Eye Strain When Sleeping - Stories From The Clinic; 36. Unusual Cases - The - Better Eyesight League - Meeting at East Orange, N.J.
March 1923 - The Memory Swing - Rest - Stories From The Clinic: 37. Progressive Myopia - A New Outlook - Crumbs - For Bores - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League
April 1923 - Watch Your Step - An Opportunity for Teachers - Stories From The Clinic: 38. Criminals - Dr. Bates' - Lecture - Parents' and Teachers' Page - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League - The Question Mark
May 1923 -Teach Others - The Story of Barbour - Stories From The Clinic: 39. A Case of Divergent Squint -  Teachers Question Dr. Bates - Special Speaker for May Meeting - How My Eyestrain was Relieved - Parents' and Teachers' Page –The League’s New Home - Minutes of The Better Eyesight League - Germany Paves Way for Perfect Sight in Next Generation - The Question Mark – Have You a Bible – Snellen Test Cards Advertisement
June 1923 - Try Dancing - Common Sense - Stories From The Clinic: 40. Palming – June Meeting of the League - A  Book Patient's Experience - "A Chain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link" - Parents' and Teachers' Page - Minutes of The Better Eyesight League – Eyes But They See Not - The Question Mark - Use your Eyes Not Your Glasses
July 1923 The Short Swing - Henry - Stories From The Clinic: 41. Sarah - My Eyeglasses Poem – My Eyeglasses -  An Encouraging Letter - An Enjoyable Vacation – Announcements-Better Eyesight League – Microscopic Print -The Question Mark
Shifting and Memory, Imagination with Eyes Open, Closed, OpenAugust 1923 -The Snellen Test Card - Hypermetropia in School Children – Fine Print Pamphlet - Stories From The  Clinic: 42. Sarah (continued from July) - What the Silver Jubilee Omitted - A Game to Cure Stage Fright - Announcements – Important - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League – The Question Mark
September 1923 - Aids to Swinging - Dodge It – Central Fixation – Blinking - Stories From The Clinic; 43. Cured in  one Visit – Cataract Cure - What is the Monetary Value of Your Eyes - A Talk to the League - Announcements - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League – The Question Mark
October 1923 - Multiple Vision - Failures - Stories From The Clinic: 44. The Story of Lillian - New Uses for Relaxation  - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League - The Post Office Incident - The Question Mark
November 1923 - The Book Perfect Sight Without Glasses - The Treatment of Myopia – No Glasses, Palming,  Blinking, Swinging, Memory, Imagination, Prevention - Stories From The Clinic: 45. The Story of Rose - Seeing Without Glasses - A Doctor's Story - Minutes of the Better Eyesight League - Of Special Interest - The Question Mark
December 1923- One Thing – Central Fixation, Swinging, Imagination - The Cadet - Stories From The Clinic: 46.  Our Last Christmas at Harlem Hospital - Discarding Glasses at 60 - The League of Orange, New Jersey - The Passing of My Glasses - Unseeing Eyes - The Use of the Burning Glass (Sunglass, Use with Safety, Correct; See Original and Modern Directions, For Application by a Bates Method Ophthalmologist Only) - Announcements – Change of Address, Reprints…. - The Question Mark – Advertisements: Snellen Card, Children’s Cards, Better Eyesight Back Numbers, Fine Print IS Beneficial!!!

                                                                                                                                              Year 1924The Long Swing to Relax the Eyes, Mind, Body and return the Eyes to Normal Movment - Shifting, Saccades
January 1924 - Questions - The Optical Swing – The Short Swing, The Universal Swing, The Memory Swing, The  Variable Swing, The Long Swing, The Drifting Swing, Failures - Stories From The Clinic; 47. My Young Assistant - Some Clinic Cases - Report of the League Meeting - Get a Good Start With Some New Resolutions - A Glaucoma Case - The Question Mark – Other Publications - Throw Away Your Glasses And See With Your Eyes
February 1924 - The Trinity - Fairy Stories – The Black Fairy, The White Fairy - Stories From The Clinic; 48. The  Blind Girl - "How Joe Cook Learned to Shift" - The Use of Eyesight in a Printing Plant - Report of the League Meeting - The Question Mark – Announcement – Reduction of Microscopic Bible
March 1924 - Mental Pictures - Illusions of Normal Sight – Central Fixation, Swinging, Halos, Blinking and Resting  The Eyes – Stories From The Clinic: 49. The Blind Girl (continued from Feb. 1924) - Preventing Imperfect Sight in School Children – Selected Essays On Palming By School Children - Minutes of the January Meeting - Next Meeting of the League - Announcement
April 1924 - Distance of the Snellen Test Card - Concentration - Stories From The Clinic: 50. The Blind Girl  (continued from Mar. 1924) - Nancy's Mental Pictures - Report of the League Meeting - Bates Evening At the Psychology Club - The Tin Soldier - In the Office - Questions and Answers
May 1924 - Time to Practice -Conical Cornea - Stories From The Clinic: 51. Pop (The Blind Barber)- The Mind's Eye  - Lecture to the Psychology Club - Announcement - Report of the League Meetings - Fine Print - The De Graff Fund for The Prevention of Myopia in School Children - Questions and Answers – Catalogue of Other Publications
June 1924 - Blinking - Blindness - Stories From The Clinic: 52. A Blind Boy - Sinbad the Sailor (Movement,  Oppositional Movement, Swinging.., Sinbad Acquires Clear Vision.) - The Black Fairies - Help Others - Kindergarten Children Benefited - An Instructive Reprint - At the Movies - Questions and Answers
July 1924 - Curable Cases - Practical Suggestions - Stories From The Clinic: 53. Shock Causes Blindness - Nervous  Symptoms Relieved - Notes From Patients – From A Patient Who Likes To Drift, From A Book Reader, A Teacher – November Numbers Desired - Report of the League Meetings - Questions and Answers – Perfect Sight; If You Learn The Fundamental Principles…
August 1924 - School Number – The Prevention of Myopia - School Children - Stories From The Clinic: 54. School  Number – Palming Compositions - Report of the League Meetings - The Fairy Convention - The Eye Class in Erasmus Hall - Reminders for Summer Eye Practice - Aim to Cure One Child
September 1924 – Permanent Improvement - Quick Cures - Stories From The Clinic: 55. A Hospital Patient - A  Personal Experience - The Fairy School - The Better Eyesight League - Chief Four Eyes - Questions and Answers
October 1924 - The Rabbit's Throat - Imagination Cures - Stories From The Clinic: 56. School Children - The Method  in England – The Magic Carpet - Bates Method a Success in Schools – 1923 Records, Curative Results And Records, 1924 - Report of the September Meeting - Questions and Answers
November 1924Myopia Number- Eye-Strain During Sleep - The Cure of Myopia - Stories From The Clinic: 57.  Cases of Myopia - Thanksgiving Fairies - El Uso Natural de La Vision (The Natural Use of Vision) - The Acrobatic "F" - Fine Print - Report of the October Meeting – Questions and Answers
December 1924- Suggestions – 1. Imagine things are moving all the time, 2. Blink often, 3. Read the Snellen Test
Card at fifteen feet as well as you can, every night and morning, 4. Fine Print, 5. Palming - Palming - Stories From The Clinic: 58. Christmas - Nervousness - Eye Education - Myopia, Exophthalmic Goitre, Squint, Headaches - Christmas Fairies - Tension - Report of the November Meeting – Supplement To October Report - Questions and Answers

Eye Shifting - Picture From Yarbus Book - Eye Movements and Vision
                                                                                                                                              Year 1925

January 1925- Sun-Gazing - Mental Strain: Myopia or Near-sightedness, Hypermetropia or Far-sightedness,  Presbyopia, Astigmatism - Stories From The Clinic: 59. Mental Strain - A Teacher's Experiment - Suggestions to Patients - New Year Fairies - Report of the League Meeting - Announcement - Questions and Answers
February 1925Cataract Number - The Baby Swing - Cataract - Stories From The Clinic: 60. Two Cases of Cataract - Strain – Clinic Reports From London: A Man Blind in One Eye for Many Years, Blind for Five Years, A Man Who Has Worn Glasses For 60 Years - The Elephant and the Fairies - Report of the League Meeting - Helpful Hints From Correspondents - Questions and Answers
March 1925 - The Elliptical Swing - Limits of Vision – Field, Night Blindness, Day Blindness, Color Blindness, Size,  Treatment, Halos - Stories From The Clinic: 61. Two Blind Girls – Rosalie, Eleanor - The Sun as a Cure For Imperfect Sight - Report of the League Meeting - Suggestions to Patients - Announcement - The Two Princes - Read Fine Print – Questions and Answers
April 1925 - Floating Specks - Quick Cures - Stories From The Clinic: 62. Quick Cures - Hungry Fairies - Concentration and Relaxation - Announcements - Vivisection Contra-Indicated - Questions and Answers
May 1925 - Fundamentals (1-9) - Mental Pictures - Stories From The Clinic: 63. Mental Pictures - Announcements -  May Fairies – Glasses Retard Progress - Report of the League Meeting - Questions and Answers – Perfect Sight- Learn the Fundamental Principles of Perfect Sight, Demonstrate that strain, the stare lowers the vision
June 1925 - Alternate – Old Age Sight – Stories From The Clinic: 64. Albert – The Sand Man - Report of the League  Meeting - An Unfair Test – Announcements: Natural Vision Improvement Teachers – Suggestions to Patients: 1-9 Steps for Clear Vision – A Case Report – Questions and Answers
July 1925– Swaying – Astigmatism – Stories From The Clinic: 65. Cataract – Palming – The Dream King – Announcements - Suggestions to Patients: The Use Of The Snellen Test Card by Emily C. Lierman (8 Steps) – Dark Glasses – Questions and Answers
August 1925School Number - Fear – School Children – Stories From The Clinic: 66. School Children – Musical Appreciation – The Magic Frog – Six Years of the Bates Method – Conclusions - Bates Method Popular with Teachers
September 1925– Optimism – Iritis – Stories From The Clinic: 67. Iritis – The Congo Tree – A Handy Pocket Sized  Test Card – The Effectiveness of Relaxation (Stammering, Stuttering…) – The Story of John – Questions and Answers
October 1925 – Read Fine Print – Some Truths: Distance, Illumination, Environment, Strain During Sleep, Eye  Shades, The Black Bandage, Summary – Stories From The Clinic: 68. How Others Help – The Movie Mind – Better Eyesight League Notice – The Blind Man-Two Little Girls - Soon to be Published - The Bat – Attention: Medical Articles
November 1925 – Moving – Central Fixation – Stories From The Clinic; 69. Aunt Mary – Sonny – The Light Treatment – Announcement - Questions and Answers
December 1925 – Dizziness – Shifting – Stories From The Clinic: 70. Christmas at the Clinic – The Christmas Fairies  - An Optometrist’s Experience; A Case of Chronic Headache, Cured in One Treatment, Far-Sight and Astigmatism, Glasses helped This Boy – An Oculist’s Experience – Some Interesting Cases

                                                    Year 1926

January 1926 - The Period - Swinging: Long Swing, Variable Swing, Drifting Swing, Short Swing, Universal Swing  Stories From The Clinic: 71. Partial Paralysis of the Third Nerve - The Blinking Knight - How Estelle Helped - A Student's Experience – Questions and Answers
February 1926- Demonstrate - Memory - Stories From The Clinic: 72. Jane - The Magic Kitten - Cases Benefited: Cataract, Strabismus, Pain, Near-Sightedness, Acute Glaucoma - Eyestrain - Questions and Answers – Perfect Sight Without Glasses, Reprints by Dr. Bates
March 1926 – Demonstrate - Imagination - Stories From The Clinic: 73. Margaret Mary - Fundamentals – 1. Glasses Must be Discarded Permanently 2. Central Fixation 3. Favorable Conditions 4. Shifting 5. Swinging - Questions and Answers
April 1926 - Retardation Number - Demonstrate - Retardation – Imperfect Sight, Retardation Cure, Benefits, Truancy, Stare, Memory, Imagination, Adults, Automobile Drivers, Sailors - Stories From The Clinic: 74. Retardation - Retardation (Schools, Education) Superintendent of Schools, North Bergen, N. J., Reasons For Retardation, National Educational Association Meetings, Educational Waste, Table A, B, Eye Mind Education, Personal Experience - Questions and Answers
May 1926 - Presbyopia Number - Demonstrate - Presbyopia – Generally Accepted Cause, True Cause, Treatment, The Thin White Line, Failures, A Presbyopia Cure - Stories From The Clinic: 75. Presbyopia - "The Fountain" - The Blind Man (Two Little Girls Cure a Blind Man, Restore His Vision by Teaching Him the Bates Method) – Big and Little – Staring - Effects of Presbyopia - Questions and Answers
June 1926 - Cataract Number- Demonstrate - Cataract – Defined, Occurrence, Senile Cataract, Congenital Cataract, Traumatic Cataract, Complicated Cataract, Symptoms, Demonstrations, Treatment, Rest, Swinging, Memory, Imagination, Fine Print, Sun Treatment, Prognosis - Stories From The Clinic: 76. Cataract - A Radio Talk – Another Radio Talk Through WMSG
July 1926 - Myopia Number- Demonstrate - Myopia – Definition, Acute Myopia, Progressive Myopia, Complicated Myopia, Occurrence, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, 1. Palming 2. Swaying 3. Memory and Imagination - Prevention 1. Blink Frequently 2. Shift 3. Head and Eyes Moving 4. Snellen Test Card, Shifting, Blinking and Imagining Stationary Objects to be Moving can be Practiced at All Times - Stories From The Clinic: 77. Myopia - The Great Delusion “Wearing Glasses to Strengthen the Eyes” A Billion Dollar Industry Based on an Error! - A Radio Talk on "Better Eyesight" by Emily C. Lierman - WMCA Radio Talks
August 1926 - School Number - Demonstrate - School Children – Causes, Treatment, Age, Frequency, Palming, Swinging, Rest – Stories From The Clinic: 78. School Children - What the Bates Method Did for One School Boy (John, Cross Eyed) – 1. Instruction to Parents and Teachers 2. Rest Periods 3. Blinking 4. Swaying 5. Swinging 6. Palming 7. Reading Test Cards 8. Memory 9. Imagination 10. Sun Treatment 11. Reading Books 12. Learning New Experiences 13. Use of Eye Pad (Patch) 14. Environment 15. Sleep - Announcement - He Won't Stay Down, A Poem - Questions and Answers
September 1926 - Rest Number- Demonstrate - Rest - Stories From The Clinic: 79. Relaxation Effective - Radio Talk WMCA "Eye Education" - Blinking - The Original Nut - Questions and Answers
October 1926 - Demonstrate - Lord Macaulay (Man Reads at Rapid Speed) - Stories From The Clinic: 80. Fear - Case Reports, Histories and Letters - Cured in One Visit - "The Swing" Poem - Questions and Answers
November 1926- Demonstrate - Detachment of the Retina – Occurrence, Symptoms, Orthodox Methods of Treatment, The Writer’s Method Of treatment, Cases - Stories From The Clinic: 81. Mind Strain - Dry Heat and Sun – Ruth Leobrich, Bates Teacher – Questions and Answers – The Use Of The Sunglass
December 1926 - Demonstrate - Astigmatism – Definitions, Occurrence, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Scar Tissue, Conical Cornea, Case Reports, Hypermetropic Astigmatism, Compound Myopic Astigmatism, Simple Hypermetropic Astigmatism - Stories From The Clinic: 82. The Christmas Party – The Cross-Eyed Fairy - Announcement - Questions and Answers

                                                                                                                                               Year 1927

January 1927- Demonstrate - Hypermetropia – Definition, Occurrence, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Imagination, Test Card Practice, Swinging, Fine Print, Central Fixation - Stories From The Clinic; 83. The Swing – Benefits - Temperamental Strain - Questions and Answers - The Use of the Sun Glass (Sun Glass Page is repeated Many Times in This book. Repeats are omitted in the text version.)
February 1927- Dizziness – Squint (Strabismus, Cross/Wandering Eyes) – Symptoms, Cause, Rest, Patch, Swinging (Steps 1-5) Memory, Central Fixation, Eccentric Fixation, Fixing Eye, Imagination, Double Vision, Case Reports I, II, III, - Stories From The Clinic: 84. Case Reports - Questions and Answers - Sunglass
March 1927- Demonstrate - Blinking and Shifting – Blinking, Shifting - Stories From The Clinic: 85. Case Reports; Four Boys and a Girl – Case Reports – German Book, Bates Method.
April 1927 – Demonstrate – Presbyopia: Its Cause and Cure – Fundamental Facts, Fine Print, The Universal Swing, – Stories From The Clinic; 86. Presbyopia – Case History – Questions and Answers – The Use of the Sun Glass
May 1927– Demonstrate – Myopia or Near-Sightedness: Memory and Imagination, Central Fixation, Universal Swing, A Test of the Imagination, A Familiar Card, Case History, The Snellen Test Card – Stories From The Clinic: 87. Cases of Myopia – Announcement – Hypermetropic Astigmatism – An Experiment With Simultaneous Retinoscopy – Announcement – Lernt Wieder Sehen & Lernt Sehen (Learn to See) German Bates Method Natural Vision Improvement Books
June 1927– Demonstrate – Astigmatism - Definitions, Occurrence, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Favorable Conditions, Central Fixation, Shifting, Memory and Imagination, Case Report-I, Case Report-II, Conical Cornea – Stories From The Clinic: 88. Astigmatism by Emily C. Lierman – Announcement – Questions and Answers
July 1927– Demonstrate – The Imperfect Sight of the Normal Eye – Stories From The Clinic: 89. Eyestrain - Glaucoma – Report of Mrs. Edith Reid – Report of Mr. Ian Jardine - Questions and Answers
August 1927School Number- Demonstrate – The Prevention of Imperfect Sight In School Children: Palming, Central Fixation, Swaying, Fine Print, Shifting, Swinging, Blinking, Memory and Imagination – Stories From The Clinic; 90. School Children by Emily C. Lierman – Davey, Esther – A School Teacher’s Report - Announcement
September 1927– Demonstrate – Blindness: Glaucoma, Cause, Treatment, Cataract, Cause, Treatment, Conical Cornea, Cause, Opacity of the Cornea, Cause, Treatment - The Blindness of Squint or Amblyopia Ex Anopsia – Cause, Treatment, Case History - Stories From The Clinic; 91. Blindness by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers – Perfect Sight - Announcement
October 1927– Demonstrate – Squint – Definition, Cause, Treatment, Double Vision, The Tropometer - Case Reports– Stories From The Clinic; 92. (Squint) – Announcement – Questions and Answers
November 1927 – Voluntary Production of Eye Tension A Safeguard Against Glaucoma – Tension – Bier’s Congestive Treatment – Stories From The Clinic: 93. Tension in Myopia – Case Report - Announcement
December 1927– Favorable Conditions - Routine Treatment: Rest, The Sway, Blinking, Central Fixation, Imagination, Memory, The Period, Sun Treatment, Fine Print, Instructions For Home Treatment – Stories From The Clinic; 94. Pansy Land by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers – Announcement


                                                                                                                                              Year 1928

January 1928– Eyestrain During Sleep – Glaucoma – Treatment, Case Reports – Case One, Case Two - Stories From The Clinic; 95. A Case of Absolute Glaucoma by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers - Announcement
February 1928– The Thumb Movement – Fact and Fancy – Stories From The Clinic; 96. Individual Treatment by Emily C. Lierman - Announcement
March 1928– First Visit Cures – The Period – Stories From The Clinic; 97. The Story of Jacqueline Sherman and How She Was Benefited by Emily C. Lierman – Case Report, Editor’s Note, Letter To Emily C. Lierman from W. B. MacCracken, M.D. Berkeley, Calif.
April 1928– Brain Tension – Cataract – Stories From The Clinic; 98. A Case of Cataract by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers – Case Report - The Use of the Sun Glass (Burning Glass)
May 1928– Color Blindness – The Stare – Stories From The Clinic; 99. Staring Relieved by Treatment by Emily C. Lierman – Case report
June 1928– Subjective Conjunctivitis – Swinging – Long Swing, Variable Swing, Universal Swing, Circular Swing, Square Swing - Case Reports - Stories From The Clinic; 100. Myopia and Presbyopia Relieved by Treatment by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers - Announcements
July 1928 – Dark Glasses Are Injurious – Fundamentals: Glasses Discarded Permanently, Central Fixation, Favorable Conditions, Shifting and Swinging, Memory and Imagination, Rest, Palming, Blinking
, Mental Pictures – Stories From The Clinic; 101. An Artist Suffering From Presbyopia: Presbyopia and Double Vision Relieved by Treatment by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers - Announcement
August 1928School Number- Suggestions – School Children – Stories From The Clinic; 102. School Children by Emily C. Lierman – Case report
September 1928- Eyestrain – Aviator’s eyes – Stories From The Clinic; 103. Test Card Practice by Emily C. Lierman – Questions and Answers - Announcement
October 1928– No Glasses For Quick results – Nystagmus – Stories From The Clinic; 104. Case Reports by Emily A. Bates (Emily C. Lierman before Marriage to Dr. Bates) – Questions and Answers
November 1928– Practice Time – Rest, Palming, Shifting, Swinging, Long Swing, Memory, Imagination, Repetition Hypermetropia – Stories From The Clinic; 105. Hypermetropia by Emily A. Bates – Questions and Answers
December 1928 – Practice Methods – Myopia – Stories From The Clinic; 106. Christmas 1927 by Emily A. Bates


                                                                                                                                             Year 1929

January 1929– Time for Practice – Astigmatism – Stories From The Clinic; 107. Chronic Iritis Relieved by Treatment by Emily A. Bates – The Use of the Sunglass
February 1929 – Correspondence Treatment – Squint – Stories From The Clinic; 108. Don’t be Afraid by Emily A. Bates – Questions and Answers
March 1929– The Period – Sympathetic Ophthalmia – Stories From The Clinic; 109. Hypermetropia by Emily A. Bates – Case reports – Squint - Questions and Answers
April 1929 – Blinking – Illusions - Negative After-Images – Stories From The Clinic; 110. Mental Strain by Emily A. Bates – Questions and Answers
May 1929 – Shifting – Treatment – Case Reports - Stories From The Clinic; 111. Eye Injuries by Emily A. Bates
June 1929– Go to the Movies – Cataract – (Sinbad The Sailor, Goats) - Stories From The Clinic; 112. Itching of the Eyelids by Emily A. Bates (Parasites in Boys Eyes) – Questions and Answers
July 1929 - Mental Pictures - Throw Away Your Glasses – Concentration, Treatment, Prevention of Myopia in School Children – The Use of the Sun Glass
August 1929School Number - Comparisons - School Children - Stories From The Clinic; 113. School Children by Emily A. Bates – Case Reports–School Children - Reprints
September 1929- The Colon - Retinitis Pigmentosa - Stories From The Clinic; 114. Discarding Glasses Not Injurious  by Emily A. Bates - Questions and Answers
October 1929
- The Memory Swing - Mental Activity - Stories From The Clinic; 115. Presbyopia by Emily A. Bates -  Announcement
November 1929- Improve Your Sight - Amblyopia - Stories From The Clinic; 116. Amblyopia by Emily A. Bates -  Notice – Questions and Answers
December 1929- The Flashing Cure - Hypermetropia - Stories From The Clinic; 117. Christmas 1928 by Emily A.  Bates - Notice – A Suggestion – Questions and Answers

                                     Year 1930

January 1930 - The Imagination Cure - Astigmatism - Stories From The Clinic; 118. Two Cases of Myopia by Emily A.  Bates - Notice
February 1930 - See Things Moving - The Sway - Stories From The Clinic; 119. Why Patients Fail by Emily A. Bates -  Case Report - Notice - Announcement
March 1930- How Not to Concentrate - Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cure - Case Reports – Case 1, Case 2, Case 3 -  Stories From The Clinic; 120. Cases of Squint in the Clinic by Emily A. Bates - Announcements
April 1930 -
The Optimum Swing - Vision and Education - The Doctor’s Story – Lying as a Cause of Myopia - Stories - From The Clinic; 121. Suggestions For Myopic Patients by Emily A. Bates - Announcements
May 1930 - Methods That Have Succeeded in Presbyopia - Presbyopia: Its Cause and Cure - Stories From The Clinic;  122. Test Card Practice (1-10) by Emily A. Bates - Better Eyesight in Schools by a Superintendent of Public Schools - Questions and Answers - Announcements
June 1930– Final Magazine - Stop Staring (1-3) - Imagination Essential to Sight - A Patient’s Report - Stories From  The Clinic; 123. Suggestions by Emily A. Bates (1-12) – A Total of 123 Stories From The Clinic are in this Book + 2 Additional Articles by Emily C. Lierman - Dr. Bates States People Are Stealing the Magazine Title, Teaching Incorrect, Without True Training.

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